About us

Creating safe and secure homes and businesses in Pietermaritzburg, since 1994.

Titan Fencing
Titan Fencing





Our Success Story

Titan Technologies – previously known as Titan Security, was established in 1994. After more than 20 years of uninterrupted service, Titan has built an enormous client base. Word of mouth is our strongest and most successful sales agent.


Our Vision

Titan Technologies endeavours to optimize the satisfaction of client needs by offering leading-edge products backed by dedicated customer support teams. Our systems are driven by robust hardware and embedded software platforms with proven reliability, ready to serve the needs of discerning residential, commercial and vertical markets.


Our Commitment

Titan Technologies has the insight to ensure effective long-lasting solutions. Titan Technologies specialize in effective system solutions allowing for upgradeability, superior after-sales commitment, high-quality products, and pleasant and knowledgeable staff. This ultimately results in a lower total cost of ownership for the client.

Our Speciality

Titan Technologies specializes in integrated electronic solutions for loss control and enterprise management. To ensure that our clients are provided the most efficient, fit for purpose solutions. Titan Technologies is partnered with leading technology equipment manufacturers, technology users, and suppliers, offering the “best of breed” products produced with world-class processes.